The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet

by Richard Kozinski

The Dukan Diet was designed by doctor Pierre Dukan and it still remains very popular in many countries. It is also known as the princess diet. The main idea of this diet is to increase an amount of protein and decrease an amount of carbohydrate and fat intake. According to Pierre Dukan every diet should be effective and healthy. If you choose this diet, the results are going to be visible after a short period of time.

The characteristic features are four stages. The first one is the most restrictive. During others you are allowed to eat more diverse food, but every phase is mainly a protein-based diet. It means that the priority is the increased protein intake. Absorption and digesting protein require a lot of energy, so we provide less calories than we use during these processes. None of the phases demands starvation or eating every few hour. You can eat if you are hungry.

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