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9 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Officially, you are in the last month of the first trimester. You have noticed for sure that your body has changed. Your fitted jeans have become less comfortable. Even if your close friends or family couldn't see the difference, your behaviour is saying that something has happened. When are you going to tell about your pregnancy? Some of couples prefer to wait to the end of the first trimester, since the miscarriages occur less frequently after this period.

Your Baby

Now, in the ninth week eyes of your baby have become larger and retinas are black. They will open in the sixth month of the pregnancy. It doesn't mean that your child is sleeping all the time. A baby can move legs and arms, straightening and buckling them and tighten little fists.

During this period the skin is covered with a special substance. The pancreas, the gall bladder and bile duct are ready to function. The head of your baby is as big as a half of the body. Now ears and tooth buds and taste buds are being formed. There are vocal ligaments in the larynx.

Your child is around 1 in. long and resembles a green olive.

Guidelines for Mother

A lot of women notice that their veins, especially on legs and breast are more visible. If you are staying for so long, it may cause a nasty pain in your legs. The best solution would be to lay down with your legs on a chair.
It may occur that some contractions and pain in the lower abdominal part will appear. It is quite common and the intensity and sensation is similar to menstrual pain. If you have been suffering from them for a long time, you should inform your provider.
You can feel depressed. Continuous tiredness and nausea have become really hard to overcome. But they should pass with the end of the first trimester. Then, better mood will come back. What is more, it appears to you that you are more involved in the pregnancy than your partner. Remember that he experiences the pregnancy through your words. You are describing the symptoms, interpreting them, he acquires this knowledge. Don't accuse him of a lack of enthusiasm or interest. It is not truth. Men need time to be able to express their feelings. Before long your pregnancy will be more visible and "more real".

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