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8 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

You can still experience tiredness, nausea and vomit. Fortunately, there are only four weeks to the end of the first trimester. Majority of women claim that these symptoms disappear with the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Your Baby

Webbed fingers and toes are emerging from your child's hands and feet. Eyes are covered with eyelids and "a tail" has almost disappeared. The primitive neutral pathways are forming in the brain. You are probably guessing what gender your baby is, but at this level the external genitals haven't developed enough. However, you should be informed whether you are going to give a birth to twins. Your baby is moving all the time. A child is so little that you are not able to feel the movements. Your baby is 7-17 mm long and weighs no more than 0,25 g - about the size of a peanut.

This is the time when the organs are developing. The intestinal loop has moved to the umbilical cord. The cause is lack of space in a small belly. Within a month, organs will come back to the belly.

Guidelines for Mother

Your bra became too tight. It is caused by the higher levels of hormones. Your breast has become bigger, because of preparations for lactation. Your breast will be changing during a pregnancy. You can expect that you will need to buy a bra, which will be one or two size larger.
You may feel tired. This is a physiological reaction of your organism. Nausea and vomit also can increase tiredness. Moreover, you need to urinate even at night, so you don't have a proper rest. If it is possible, make time for 15 or 20 minutes walks. Thanks to them you will be able to survive your day without a nap.
Unfortunately, plenty of women complain of carnation and hair problems. You can have combination or greasy skin and your hair can become greasy. You can experience hair loss. Nevertheless thin and dry hair can become healthy and fluffy now. Your nails' appearance may be also improved.

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