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7 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Despite your belly hasn't changed so much, your baby's growing and developing at a fast pace.

Your Baby

Your baby is still called an embryo. The child's appearance has been changing significantly. We can recognize arms and legs. We still notice something which resembles a little tail. This is the extension of a coccyx. Within a few weeks it will disappear. Your baby is growing very fast. During the last week the baby has doubled their size and now resembles a bean. This little one has a lip, a tongue and eyes will arrear before long.
It is a critical period of time, since the nerve system and the brain are developing. The brain is divided into three parts. First of them, prosencephalon (forebrain), will be responsible for reasoning, memory and solving problems in the future. The next part, called mesencephalon (midbrain), helps to relay information for vision and hearing. The last part, rhombencephalon (hindbrain), is responsible for the control over the heart, the lungs an muscles. During the seventh week, the cerebrum starts to develop. Then two cerebral hemispheres will be created from it.

Guidelines for Mother

If you hadn't visited your doctor yet, you should do it. Appropriate medical care may raise the chances to give a birth to a healthy child. Your provider ought to be informed about all medicines you take. It is worth preparing a list of them. Check the date of your last period, according to which your doctor is able to identify due date. If your periods are irregular, a provider may decide on the basis of USG examination. You might be asked about illnesses which have occurred in your and your partner's family. In case it is necessary, you might be recommended to perform prenatal diagnosis. 

You should be expected to be asked about your physical and emotional condition. It seems to be essential to get on with your provider, as you will see very often during the next few months.

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