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6 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

In spite of the fact that the next week of the pregnancy has come, no changes are visible in your appearance. But inside your body there are huge transformations! It is why you can feel anxiety and your mood is changing all the time. Your child is little, but the baby is developing very fast and it makes you feel overwhelming tiredness.

Your Baby

At the moment, such organs as a nose, a lip and ears are beginning to form. In the USG image you can see an oversize head and dark spots, where eyes and nostrils are starting to form. Cheeks and chin are also developing. Your baby's heart, divided into two chambers, is beating 100-160 times per minute, so it is almost twice as fast as an adult person. The blood is beginning to course through this tiny body. The intestines, the lungs, the brain, muscles and bones are developing. The embryo is 1,25 mm long - about the size of a little bean.

Guidelines for Mother

You can feels teary and annoyed. Your emotions are changing fast and excitement and joy are mixed with anxiety. It is quite normal. Being pregnant is a new, unfamiliar situation for you. Partly, you experience these changing moods because of hormones.
Spotting and bleeding are very common in the early pregnancy. It may occur in a normal pregnancy, but it can be also the first sign of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. If you have any spotting or bleeding, you should inform your provider.
Some women complain of headaches. Try not to take any medicines. It would be better to eat something healthy or take a warm shower. Sometimes you just need to relax.

The belief that sex may be harmful for a baby in not true and you should not avoid intimate contacts. Contrary, it can lower the stress level and brings partners closer, so you would benefit from it.
Be aware of what you eat. Two bacteria which can cause miscarriage and stillbirth are listeria and salmonella. You ought to avoid such products as mould - ripened cheese, uncooked meat (so no Steak Tartare) and unpasteurized dairy products, shellfish and raw fish.

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