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5 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Plenty of women are looking forward to the first USG test. Thanks to the advanced equipment just in the fifth week of your pregnancy you can hear your baby's heart beating. The fact that a new life is developing in you has become more real.

Your Baby

Now, your child resembles a little tadpole (with a tiny tail) and baby's size is comparable with an orange seed. However, your baby is growing very fast. The primitive placenta and umbilical cord deliver nourishment and oxygen to your child.
Embryo has three distinct layers. The outer layer, called ectoderm, will form the nervous system, ears, eyes and also skin, hair, nails, sweat and mammary glands. The next, inner layer is the endoderm, which will become internal organs like the lungs, the intestines and the bladder. The middle layer, the mesoderm, will eventually change into the heart and the circulatory system. Then, the mesoderm will also evolve into bones, muscles, the kidneys and reproductive organs.

Guidelines for Mother

Some typical signs of the first trimester certainly accompany you. You can feel exhausted and have nausea or even vomit. Moreover, you need to urinate more often.
Why don't you start doing some physical exercises? They could increase your strength and endurance and in this way you can prepare for the weight increase and also the delivery. Activities ought to be safe and enjoyable. Walking and swimming are perfect choices for pregnant women. Physical activities would have a positive impact on your mood swings and they would also lower anxiety.
Remember to dose some special prenatal multivitamin with high content of folic acid. Folic acid reduces the risk of developing neutral tube birth defects such a spina bifida. You should not take any supplements without your doctor permission. Some herbs could be hazardous, too.
Keep in mind that many cleaning products contain solvents which may be harmful for the baby. Some jobs or hobbies can be dangerous. If you are routinely exposed to chemicals, heavy metals or radiation, you'll need to stop performing these kind of activities during pregnancy.

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