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39 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

You won't experience any greater changes as well as your baby. A child is ready to be born. Many women are afraid that they may not notice the first symptoms of the delivery. This is rather not possible. However, you should get to know what will happen before and during delivery step by step.

Your Baby

Now the weight is 3000-3700 g. The amount of adipose tissue reaches around 16 % of the body mass. The skin has changed its colour from red to more white. Interesting that brain is still developing very intensively.

Guidelines for Mother

The first stage of labour is when contractions gradually open up the neck of your uterus (cervix). It consists of early labour, active labour, and the transitional phase. During pregnancy, your cervix is closed and plugged with mucus, to keep out infection. Your cervix is long and firm, giving a strong base to your uterus (womb). It's also in a position that points slightly towards your back (posterior position).
In the first stage of labour, your cervix needs to ripen and open, so that your baby can be born. By the end of this stage, your cervix will be fully dilated, and open to about 3.9 in. in diameter. First, your cervix has to move from a posterior position to an anterior position, so that it's pointing more towards your front. It also has to shorten and soften.

Days or hours before labour starts, your cervix may start to adjust its position and soften, thin and shorten a little. While this is happening, you may be aware of mild regular contractions, backache or tummy ache, or you may just feel a bit different. Having an upset tummy or loose bowels is another symptom. This phase is sometimes called prelabour. As a result of these changes the mucus plug in your cervix may come out. This is called a show. It looks a bit like jelly and can be stained with blood.

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