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38 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

According to statistics only 5% of children are born in the expected date delivery. The delivery is usually two weeks before or after this date.

Your Baby

In the 38th week of a pregnancy the baby weights around 3200 g. There is larger amount of adipose tissue especially on arms and hands. Your child is covered by vernix caseosa and the rest of lanugo. The lungs have been producing surfactant.

Newborn babies have large nails which you shouldn't cut in hospital. Injury may cause infection because of hospital bacteria. Nails are cut with special scissors for babies. They have precise stainless steel blades and rounded tips for safety. The best way is to cut them just after bath as they are soft then.

Guidelines for Mother

The emotions and mood can change from moment to moment. Once you feel overwhelming tiredness and then the burst of energy. The first state is caused by unpleasant symptoms and anxiety, associated with delivery and new situation generally. The burst of energy is a result of nesting syndrome.

If you feel regular contractions, you should go to the hospital. A doctor will perform the gynaecological examination to decide if labour has begun. In this it is possible to assess the condition of cervix. The next examination you will have performed is cardiotocography.

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