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36 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Your child is mature enough to function beside the uterus. But waiting for the right moment decreases the risk of possible complications, so visit your provider regularly and take care of you to the end of a pregnancy.

Your Baby

Your baby's movement are different. There is too little space in the uterus, so the child can only wriggle. The weight can be around 2200 g. Circumference of a head is 32 cm and the belly - 30 cm. Little feet which you can spot on your belly are around 3 in. long.

The last organ which has been still developing are lungs. The main role of surfactant is to prevent collapse of the alveoli thereby reducing the effort needed to expand the lungs during inspiration (breathing in) and allow gas exchange to take place. Surfactant therefore helps breathing to be relatively effortless. The rest of organs was formed.

A foetus develops plenty of reflexes, and all of these reflexes depend on the central nervous system. These are the main ones: movement, walking and moro reflex. A child developa the ability to flex and extend their limbs and suck their thumbs in utero, but these reflexes usually disappear by 8 months after birth. Before babies learn to crawl, they'll pretend to walk. They practice that movement in utero and continue it for the first three months (the reflex has to be lost before they gain the ability to walk consciously). It's also called the stepping reflex. The last one is called moro reflex. Everyone knows the sensation where we feel like you're falling even though you're lying in bed. Babies feel this in utero (starting in the third trimester) when a mom's sudden movement causes them to fling out their arms and legs reflexively.

Guidelines for Mother

The position of the uterus make breathing, eating and sleeping more difficult. Some women experience the nose bleeding. Some of them suffer from swollen legs, hands and face. Fortunately, you are at the end of the pregnancy. Are you ready with everything?

Is your bag well prepared? Have you chosen the hospital?

If you have any older children, organize care for them earlier. When you are in the hospital with your partner, a sibling should be provided with good care. If the children are young, think about a dreamt gift for them and give it to them after coming from hospital. They may feel loved and important for you.

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