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35 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Your child resembles a newborn baby, who is still a bit smaller. But all the time your child is gaining adipose tissue.

Your Baby

Now the movements of ababy may be more rare than earlier. The reason is the size of the child, who doesn't have enough space to move. At the moment the length reaches almost 20 in. The child may weigh even 250 g more per week. Moreover, sleep takes around 95% per 24 hours.

Research shows that children prefer to listen to calm music with rhythm resembling mother's heart beating. It soothes them and makes they feel safe. They can benefit from listening to this kind of music, since at this stage, the brain is still developing. Extra stimuli influence development in a positive way.

Guidelines for Mother

Your belly is very high what causes digestive and breathing problems. You may feel dyspnea, because the baby squeezes the lungs. In addition, you can fell a backache and have swollen legs. If you tend to this kind of problems, you should change the position and lie with your legs lifted up.

If you suffer from the heartburn and other problems, associated with the gastrointestinal track, you should follow an appropriate diet. You ought to avoid such products as brown loaf, sauce, sweets, spicy dishes, sparkling water and yeast.
Sometimes thoughts about delivery cause that women fell anxiety and have mood swings.

Some of them worry about health condition of the baby. There are also many pregnant women who have been dreaming about a child for a long time and now they are afraid that they won't be able to deal with a newborn baby. This kind of fear frequently appears when you are pregnant for the first time. If you have children, you know that taking care of a baby requires good organization, because it is not only a great happiness but also a great challenge. Planning and being well organized could help to deal with everyday duties.

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