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32 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

In spite of the fact that your baby is quite big and more safe than at the beginning of the pregnancy you should still visit your provider on regular basis and inform him about all symptoms.

Your Baby

Every week your baby is 0.5 in. longer. The length reaches almost 16 in. The lungs are developed and your child would be able to breathe beside the uterus.
Your baby looks the same as a newborn, but a bit smaller. There is more adipose tissue, which has been gained especially on thighs and arms.

After 30th week of a pregnancy your baby's head moves down into your pelvis since the child gets into the right position for birth. If the USG examination doesn't confirm this position, don't worry. It may happen in the forthcoming days.
Senses of your baby are completely developed. Your heart beating calms down the baby. This is why a newborn feels safe when can hear mother's heart beating.

Guidelines for Mother

All the syndromes you have experienced so far may be stronger. However, there are no rules. For sure the best treatment is taking a rest and relaxing.
Pregnant women frequently complain of palpitation at the end of a pregnancy. This is quite normal and the reason is the enlarged blood volume in thecirculatory system.
If you notice that dyspnoea or pain in your chest appear, you should inform your provider immediately.

Around the 32nd week of a pregnancy, intrahepatic cholestasis (also known as obstetric cholestasis) may occur. The most common is troublesome itching. This disease can lead to complications for both mother and a child. Itching occurs particularly on palms of the hands and soles of the feet. It can be more intensive in the evening.

Other less common symptoms include darker urine, lighter stools, increased clotting time, fatigue, increased nausea, decrease in appetite, jaundice and upper right quadrant pain. The consequences of not treated cholestasis may be serious for a child including fatal distress, meconium ingestion, meconium aspiration syndrome, stillbirth. Delivery is recommended in the 38th week when the lung maturity has been established.

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