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3 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

The third week of a pregnancy has already started. The new life is being created. At the beginning you can perceive no changes. The situation may change when an embryo starts to implement. Then you might experience the alterations of hormone levels and as a result the first typical symptoms of pregnancy may appear.

Your Baby

Your child is like a little "ball", created by hundreds of cells, which are multiplying at breakneck speed. After implementation, a part which will be a placenta in the future starts to produce a pregnancy hormone, called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Thanks to that the ovaries stop releasing eggs and the production of estrogen and progesterone is boosted. This hCG hormone inhibits peeling of the endometrium uterus layer. At this stage it would end in miscarriage.
At the same time the amniotic fluid begins to collect around the embryo in the cavity, which will be the amniotic sac in the future. The amniotic sac will prevent your baby during the following weeks and months. Now, a child receives oxygen and nutrients thanks to the primitive circulatory system, which consists of microscopical tunnels. They connect your developing child with blood vessels in your uterus.

Guidelines for Mother 

Some women can notice the first pregnancy syndromes earlier than it is possible to take a pregnancy test. You can feel a breast pain. It could be stronger than before a period. You may also feel exhausted. Even if you don't take any efforts during a day, you feel tired in the evening. The next pregnancy affliction may be a need to urinate very often.
As it was mentioned before, your body generates more estrogen. As a result you may perceive odours in a different way. Odours you liked before may be unpleasant now. They might cause nausea. Also some kinds of food might make you feel sick.
If you have any of these syndromes, but you are not sure whether you are pregnant or not, it is worth taking a pregnancy test! These tests are available in a pharmacy as well as at chemist's. They are quite cheap.

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