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29 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Have you chosen the hospital for the delivery? Now all details should be arranged.

Your Baby

It's difficult to believe that the baby is so big that it is impossible to observe the whole body during the USG examination. The average weight is around 1400 g and by the end of the pregnancy the weight may be doubled. There is less space in the uterus, so it is more likely that you will feel rather pushing than kicking. The amount of the amniotic fluid won't be increasing.

Now you provide your child not only with nutrients but also with antibodies through the umbilical cord. The baby will be more safe just after delivery.

Guidelines for Mother

Some doctors advise to control the activity of a child. There should be around six movements during two hours.
It is highly recommended to intake DHA, omega 3-fatty acid. DHA supports eyes, the brain and the central nervous system what is very important for pregnant and lactating women. Omega 3-fatty acid are frequently one of the constituent of vitamin pills. But you can find it also in fish, such as pilchard, salmon, prawns, walnuts, rocket and chicken.

During this week you should have performed one of the tree the most important USG examinations. A doctor test organs and systems of your baby.
If you haven't visited any hospital so far, it is worth making arrangements with an obstetrician from the ward you are going to give birth to your baby. Majority of women feel more confident and safe when they have seen the hospital before. You can also visit other hospitals and then you may decide which you like the most.

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