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27 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

The third trimester has already begun. Unfortunately, the best period of the pregnancy has been finished but the good news is that within a couple of weeks you will give birth to you baby.

Your Baby

During the third trimester your child will be growing very fast and the systems and organs will be developing. It is the time of preparation for functioning bedsides the uterus. At the moment your child weighs above 1000 g. Each day a child can drink around 1000 ml of the amniotic fluid and can digest mainly sugar. It provides with 15% of the total daily intake of the nutrients.
During the last trimester you could observe that the baby was more or less active. Now it is possible to recognize more regular periods of sleeping and waking up. After delivery, your baby is likely to keep these habits. It may occur that the child mixes a night with a day. As a result they sleep during a day and wake up at night.
The face resembles the face of a new born baby. The head starts being covered with hair and the eyebrow and eyelashes appear.

Guidelines for Mother

You can feel the Braxton-Hicks contractions much more stronger than before. They are quite normal and when you change the position they should be less unpleasant or disappeared. Your breast have changed, because of increased production of progesterone, a hormone which prepares your body for breastfeeding.
Swollen hands, feet and ankles are very common during a pregnancy, but you should inform your provider about this syndrome. The relief would bring such activities as walking, swimming and changing position very often. Moreover, pregnant women are recommended to drink around 1.5 l of still water per day.
The next problem may be hemorrhoids. If you feel itching or pain during bowel movements and the bleeding appears it might mean that you suffer from hemorrhoids. The reason for them may be constipation. So you should eat food which is rich in fibre such as fruit, vegetables and drink a lot of still water.

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