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26 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

The last week of the second trimester has just started. It's good to spend forthcoming weeks in a pleasant way. Then your belly will be much bigger and it may be less comfortable to do some activities. You might also feel more tired then. Even a weekend trip would give you a chance to relax and forget about your everyday routine. You should remember that if you are relaxed and happy your child is developing better, especially your baby's nervous system.

Your Baby

Your baby opens eyes for the first time. They have been closed by this week, as the retina was developing. The retina is responsible for visual acuity. Your child reacts to light and closes the eyelids. The eyes have no colour because there is too little pigment in them.
The lungs produce some substance which is called the surfactant and protects lungs from sticking during breathing out. At the moment the lungs resemble sponge which just after the delivery will expand and the rest of liquid will be absorbed.
Your baby is quite big now. The weight reaches even 100 g. The skin changed and became pale pink. The amount of adipose tissue has increased and skin is less wrinkled.

Guidelines for Mother

A lot of women suffer from backache and swollen legs. It is caused by changes in the circulatory system and also water retention.
The uterus needs more space and squeezes other organs. You can experience some unpleasant afflictions, because a baby together with the uterus may weigh even 2 kg. Your intestines are pressed by the uterus and it may result in digestive problems, heartburn and constipation. Some women complain of problems with breathing and lowering the exercise capacity, which are associated with pressing on the diaphgram and the rib cage. If you feel some pain, you ought to change the position.

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