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25 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Your child is growing incredibly fast. Try to imagine that during a week your baby's weight can rise about 1000 g and the length about 0.5 in.

Your Baby

Movements are stronger and it's impossible not to notice them. Your child weighs 600-700 g and reaches 12.5 in. Kicking makes the muscles stronger. During the USG examination you can see attempts to grasp un umbilical cord with tiny fingers. Touching feet is nothing difficult for them.
In spite of the fact that your uterus is at the size of a football ball, your baby has less and less space to move. Vernix caseosa covers the body protecting it from mineral salts, which are in the amniotic fluid.
At this stage the alveoli pulmonis starts developing. It doesn't mean that your baby is able to function outside the uterus. There is still a few weeks before the child would able to deal with breathing.

Guidelines for Mother

Remember to perform Kegel exercises regularly, since they strengthen the pelvis muscles that can ease the delivery. Tense and relax muscles, which are located near the vagina and the perineum. If you do these exercises on the regular basis, they appear to be very effective. These exercises should be performed three times a day for a couple of minutes.

Very common symptom which can appear at the end of the second trimester is sensitivity to the light. It happens because in your eyes there is less liquid than normal. If this dryness is difficult to deal with, you can buy special drops called "artificial tears". They are sold over-the-counter.
Additionally, you can experience: irritation, mood swings, dizziness, swallowed legs, breathing problems and continuous need to urinate. They are very common because the uterus, which is quite big now, presses the diaphragm.

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