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22 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

During the 22nd week of pregnancy all women should feel the movements of their baby. At this stage the baby is able to kick with the legs and move the arms.

Your Baby

At the moment the fat tissue is only 1 percent of the body, but during the next weeks your child will gain much more fat. The skin is getting more thick and less transparent. The face with eyelashes and eyebrows resembles a newborn baby. On the face some grimaces could appear. Your child is able to wrinkle the forehead or smile.
The arms and legs have appropriate proportion. They will grow during the next months but even tiny nails have appeared on them. The finger prints have become more noticeable.
You can feel irregular, rhythmic movements in your abdomen. There is nothing alarming! Your baby has a hiccup thanks to it the diaphgram is preparing for its real function as a pump. A hiccup may appear when the temperature is changing.

Guidelines for Mother

Your belly is rounded and quite big. It is more difficult to keep balance so it would be better if you avoid wearing high-heels. It is worth remembering to use special cosmetics to prevent the skin from stretch marks. You can buy them in pharmacy or at chemist's.
Your provider may suggest to take IgM test. You should do it because the consequences of toxoplasmosis might be very serious.
During this period, some skin pigmentation could appear. It may be more intensive when you stay in the sun so you are recommended to use sunblock with a screen higher than 15. If you don't supplement with the proper amount of folic acid, it would be also a cause of skin pigmentation. Check its content in your vitamin pills.

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