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21 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Between 21st and 26th week the USG examination should be performed to check the condition of the child in details. A doctor will examine you also in a traditional way, test your blood pressure and weight.

Your Baby

Your baby is more and more stronger and you can feel the movements in different way. It is a result of the bones development. In the near future the child will start gaining fat tissue. The weight reaches 315 g and the length is around 7 in.
At the moment the immune system starts developing. The body has generated a high amount of red blood cells so far and now it is time to produce white blood cells which are responsible for fighting infections.
That is the period in which the memory begins developing. So the soothing and relaxing music which your baby is listening to during pregnancy would be recognized after delivery. It might one of the methods to calm down your baby.

Guidelines for Mother

Your body has changed, especially your tights and a belly. Now you can notice that your hips are broadening as a result of the changes within your pelvis. Your breasts are getting larger, preparing for milk production.
You can also experience calf cramps because of the increased weight and higher blood pressure in legs' blood vessels. The relief would bring sitting or lying with legs lifted up. You can also do some exercises which would improve the blood flow. In this way you may avoid varicose veins.
Your feet should be always warm. Moreover, the diet which is rich in magnesium and zinc would be also helpful. If you would like to supplement these microelements, you ought to eat for example bananas, tomatoes, nuts, crops, porridge, apples and chocolate.

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