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20 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

The first half of the pregnancy has passed. Even if it is your first child, you ought to feel your child's movement. Don't worry if the first contractions appear. That is a good sign. Your uterus is starting the preparation for delivery. Remember to have your USG examination performed during which the doctor will test the heart of your baby.

Your Baby

Your baby can hear and is able to differentiate tastes. Children swallow amniotic fluid much more slower if it is sweet. It is a perfect exercise which helps the human gastrointestinal track to develop. Within a few weeks your baby will be able to digest and absorb glucose, providing the body with extra energy, which is necessary for growing. The length of your child is almost 7 in. and the weight reaches 310 g.
The heart is beating faster when there are some changes in light, temperature and when they can hear loud sounds. A child may be anxious.

Guidelines for Mother

Spending time in some peaceful places such as parks would be beneficial for your baby's well-being. Now, your belly is quite large and your pregnancy is visible for everyone, so you can use your privileges. You should use them especially in public transport, as you do it for your and your baby safety.
At this stage the level of melanin is increased, which may result in darkening of moles and freckles. Also melasma might appear (chloasma faciei or the mask of a pregnancy). They are dark, irregular well demarcated hyperpigmented macules to patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead.They should disappear a few weeks after delivery. Remember to use a sunblock.
Now, weak and irregular contractions of the uterus may occur. These contractions are called Braxton-Hicks contractions and their task is to prepare the uterus for the delivery.

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