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2 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Even if you don't have any symptoms, you have been carrying your baby inside you for two weeks. It may happen that during this time the first afflictions can appear, which are associated with the changing levels of hormones.  Now, the baby is growing faster than any time during pregnancy. The gender of your child has been just determined.  

Your Baby

Out of the all 46 chromosomes, the most significant ones are: a chromosome X and a chromosome Y. They determine if a baby is male or female.  Every egg has a chromosome X and a chromosome Y. If the sperm fertilizes an egg with chromosome X, a baby will be a girl, if with chromosome Y, he will be a boy. Now, your baby is an embryo and consists of 159 cells, which will be divided in the forthcoming future, creating three separate layers.

An embryo floats in the uterus and is prevented thanks to secretions of the uterus lining.  A baby is still very little.  Now, your child is as big as a pinhead.

Guidelines for Mother

The most significant thing is to quit all the stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.  Thanks to this you can reduce the risk of complications during a pregnancy and a delivery and also you will increase a chance you will give a birth to a healthy child.  

In the second week of the pregnancy the pickling or tingling sensation in your breasts may appear, especially around nipples. It is caused by pregnancy hormones, which increase the blood supply to these parts of the body. This symptom is one of the first you can experience. Your bra became less comfortable and you feel every chafting. The next sign may be increased amount of vaginal discharge from a vagina (Chadwick's sign). 

Your appetite may be also changed.  Cravings for particular food might appear later, nevertheless women frequently complain of metallic taste and strong smell sensation.  The pregnancy hormone, progesterone, makes you feel hungry more often than usually.  Because of morning sickness some women can lose their appetite. You can notice that your favourite cuisine tastes you no longer and some smells make you have nausea.

The direct reason is not known, but pregnancy hormone hCG is suggested to be the cause of nausea and sickness. 

Just in the first weeks of the pregnancy you can feel extremely tired,  because your body is preparing for being home for a growing baby. Mood swings are very common in this time.  Some women become weepy and very emotional.

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