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19 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Some parents are waiting for this week to get to know if there is a girl or a boy. During the USG examination, a doctor would inform you about the sex of your child if the position allows to do it. If you don't want to know the sex, you should say about it before an examination.

Your Baby

Your child is around 6 in. long and weighs 200 g. Genitals of a girl are well developed. The uterus, the follopian tubes and the vagina are in the proper place. Ovaries produce eggs. If you are going to have a son, his genitals have been still developing. At the moment only a scrotum is developed and it can be seen during the USG examination.
Your baby is covered with the vernix caseosa, which protects the skin from the amniotic fluid. The child practises such activities as sucking the thumb and different movements. The nervous system has been developing and the baby can hear more clearly. You must be aware that loud sounds may be unpleasant for your child.

Guidelines for Mother

Majority of women like when their babies are moving inside the abdomen. These kicks will appear more often now. If you eat something sweet, just after 15-20 minutes you will feel the child's feet or arms movements. The kicks will be more stronger within a few weeks.
Unfortunately, you might experience also backache, which is caused by a growing belly. You shouldn't wear high-heels. Try not to put on weigh too much. This pain may be more intensive when you are forced to stay or sit for a long time. Your mattress ought to be quite hard. Doing simple exercises would be beneficial for your muscles, too.
Some women have dizziness because of problems with their circulatory system. The reason may be also a low level of glucose in blood. It would be enough if you have a snack. It might be an apple, some biscuits or some dried fruit.
If you have a cold, you can't take any medicines without asking your provider for a permission. You should always consult it with a doctor.

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