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18 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

You are approaching to the half of the pregnancy. Your baby is growing and changing all the time. Focus on your belly as the first movements may appear at this stage. Women who were pregnant earlier, can feel the baby's kicks earlier. If you are pregnant for the first time, you may have to wait to the 20th week.

Your Baby

Your baby is becoming unique. The features and finger prints are your baby’s individual traits. The length is around 6 in. and the weight reaches 140 g. There is less and less space in the uterus. But the baby is still very active.
If you feel some pulsation in your abdomen, it may mean that your child is yawning or has a hiccup. Kicks are stronger, because the bones have been developing. You can see bulges on your belly, which are a foot or a knee of your baby.

Guidelines for Mother

Your belly has changed its appearance. Just after giving birth it should return to its primary look. Don't worry if you have skin pigmentation on your face, forehead, cheeks and nose. They will disappear a few months after delivery.
Since the hormone levels are changing rapidly you can experience mood swings. Your mood will be improved when you feel the first movements inside your belly. It is important to tell your provider about the first kicks, because thanks to them, a doctor will get to know in which stage of pregnancy you are.
Hormones have impact on the vaginal secretions, too. During pregnancy you are prone to have infections, it is why you should pay attention to your personal hygiene. You ought to use some feminine wash. Soup may irritate the skin around perineum. It is important to wear appropriate underwear and in case of any infections you should inform your provider immediately. You can't cure yourself.

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