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17 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Now, everybody can see that your body has changed. Your child is growing very fast and your body shape looks differently. It is worth taking care of an appropriate diet and cosmetics. At the moment you could get in touch with your baby, since the senses have been developed to some extent. 

Your Baby

Your child can react on external stimuli including loud sounds, movements and temperature changes. Under the influence of them a baby is more active. There is still much space to move in your uterus.  You can observe it during USG examination. The umbilical cord is getting stronger and fatter. Your baby can move with the joints. Also the sweat glands start developing. Now a child is growing rapidly. The length is over 5 in. and weight reaches 140 g.  

Guidelines for Mother

For sure you noticed that the parts of your body which have changed the most are thighs, a buttock and a belly. Time for shopping. You should pay attention to buying clothes which have adjustable waits. Clothes can't press your belly and as a result your child. Your growing abdomen may become more tense and itchy.  The skin should be moisturized properly. Cosmetics for pregnant women are highly recommended but you can also use some baby oil.  It is important that they ought to consist of algae, elastin and d-Panthenol.

The next task for you is performing Kegel exercises. They consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.  If you remember to do it regularly, they appear to be effective. The benefits are: the prevention of urinary incontinence, less painful delivery and faster recovery. These exercises should be done three times a day and they should last a few minutes.  

Remember that your calorie intake has increased only to 300 calories more than before.  Once there was a belief that pregnant women should eat twice as normal.  But the quality is more important than the amount.  Pregnant women are advised to eat food which is rich in iron.  Try to avoid coffee, because it rinses valuable microelements and makes iron absorption more difficult. From the beginning of the pregnancy you should take special vitamins for pregnant woman. Continue to the end of the pregnancy! 

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