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16 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Good mood and inner peace may have impact on your baby. Remember about a healthy diet and walks. It can improve your well-being, metabolism and circulatory system.

Your Baby

Your baby is able to hear your voice. You can sing and talk to the child. Research showed that children can recognize the melody they were sung in the prenatal period. The ears are already in a proper place.
Internal organs have been still developing. The heart beats 140 per minute or even faster when the baby is moving.
The growth is very rapid. The child is 4-5 in. and weighs 80 g. The movements are more coordinated. The amniotic fluid prevents your baby, so you would not be able to feel these movements. Some women mix the child's movements up with the movements of their intestines. If you are pregnant for the first time, you will probably feel the movements for the first time during the twentieth week.

Guidelines for Mother

Your body will be changing fast and significantly. Your belly is getting bigger. It looks like swollen. You can notice stretch marks on your skin. It is worth using some special cream regularly. You can also use the baby oil.
One of the pregnancy hormone, called estrogen, has an impact on carnation. Some women have broken capillaries on their face. You should avoid the exposure on the sun and wind. Leg oedema and varicose veins are also very popular ailments in a pregnancy. But if you keep a healthy diet and take a rest, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.
A lot of women suffer from shortness of breath. It is quite normal, as the child squeezes on the thoratic diaphragm and the lungs have less space.
The positive aspect of changes in hormone levels is increased libido. In this way hormones work. If you have a good mood, you think positively!

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