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15 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

You should be prepared for the significant visit at your provider. The doctor will perform a traditional gynaecological check-up and also blood pressure test. You would be asked to take urine and blood test. The first USG examination was transvaginal sonography. Now it is possible to be performed with a tranducer placed on your abdomen.

Your Baby

The child is still covered with soft hair, called "lanugo", which prevents the baby in a perfect way. At this stage the hair are growing on the head, too. Despite the baby's eyes are closed, they react to light. As a result the child can differentiate a day from a night.
The intestines start producing the meconium. Newborn babies usually excrete the meconium during the delivery, but it may happen at the end of a pregnancy that it is excreted in the uterus. It may change the colour of amniotic fluid to green.
Your child is almost 4 in. and weighs around 50-70 g. The body proportion has changed. And a foetus resembles more and more a newborn baby. Now, the arms are significantly shorter than legs.

Guidelines for Mother

Probably you have gained around 2,5 kg so far. It is not a rule and it depends on many factors. The next syndrome which you could suffer from are bleeding gums. This is one of the signs of the gingivities caused by the hormones changes.
During the next check-up, your provider will measure the height of your pelvis. In this way a doctor can define the size of a foetus and the presentation.
Most of women complain of sleep problems. The best position you can choose is on your side. It is also the most comfortable. If you are lying on a belly, you squeeze the uterus. In turn when you are lying on the back, your uterus squeezes blood vessels which provide the baby with blood. The best position would be on your left side, because the blood flow isn't disturbed.

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