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14 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

You are coming into the second trimester. It is known as the most pleasant period during a pregnancy. Majority of symptoms receded. In the forthcoming future you will get to know the sex of your child and you will probably able to feel the first movements. At the beginning they could be very delicate and irregular. Then you will learn the day rhythm of your baby. Positive changes will make you experience the burst of energy

Your Baby

Your baby can be even 3,5 in. and weighs 40-50 g. There is still a lot of space to "swim" in the amniotic fluid. These exercises support the development of the nervous and the muscular systems. The proportion are changing. The trunk is getting bigger and the head seems to be smaller. Your child has eyebrows and eyelashes. A smile appears frequently on the face.

The baby's body is covered with lanugo. It is hair which can be found on the body of a foetus or even a newborn baby. Its function is to protect the skin. Lanugo may disappear around 26th week when its function will receive adipose tissue.
The placenta is still developing. It has different functions for instance it provides the baby with oxygen and nutrients. And also it takes away carbon dioxide and other substances that should be excreted from the body. The placenta's role is not only to protect from bacteria but also to convey mother's antibodies for a baby.

Guidelines for Mother

In spite of many positive aspects, associated with entering the second trimester, some new symptoms may appear. Your uterus is getting larger. The uterus and the amniotic fluid weigh around 500 g all together. The uterus squeezes the neighbour organs, causing urinary urgency and indigestion.
You can also suffer from leg oedema. If you notice that the problem seems to be serious, you should contact your provider. The varicose veins are also quite common among pregnant women. To avoid them, it is worth walking and taking a rest with legs lifted up.
Be aware of what you eat and try not to eat too much. You can have increased appetite. Remember to eat rather often and less than a big meal once a day.

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