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13 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Majority of women are looking forward to the thirteenth week, since the second trimester starts at this point. It is said that most of the afflictions which you experienced during the first trimester are expected to recede. The levels of hormones don't change so rapidly as earlier.

Your Baby

The organs were formed and now they will develop very fast. Your baby is around 3 in. long and the weight reaches 21-29 g. It is normal that some children are bigger than others. There is no need to worry about it.
The external organs might be seen during USG examination. Perhaps you would get to know the sex of your baby then. If your baby is a girl, her ovaries involve 2 millions of eggs. Its amount will be decreasing and it will have decreased tenfold by the time of puberty.

Just in the thirteenth week of the pregnancy, your baby has finger prints. All of the internal organs are developed, including the kidneys, the liver and the heart. At this level long bones are being created such as a skull and ribs.
The baby is still very active, since there is a lot of space and a large amount of the amniotic fluid causes that the child doesn't experience the gravity. Thanks to swallowing the amniotic fluid, the body is provided with water and nutrients. The intestines and mucosa are developing.

Guidelines for Mother

Because of the growing amount of the amniotic fluid, your belly is getting bigger. Majority of the symptoms which you experienced during the first trimester receded. A plenty of women claim that the second trimester is the most pleasant period of the pregnancy.

However, it may happen that you notice some new symptoms such a groin pain. It is caused by the extension of ligaments, which support the uterus. It shouldn't be harmful for your baby. This is physiological pain, quite normal in pregnancy.
If you feel tired, just relax. The main reason for your tiredness may be growing placenta. There is no need to struggle with exhaustion, because it may end in fainting, which might be very hazardous for you and your baby.

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