1200 Calories Diet

1200 Calories Diet

by Richard Kozinski

The 1200 Calories Diet is based on the rule that we provide our body with 1200 calories a day. This amount prevents from slowing down your metabolism. You also avoid the jo-jo effect.

The results of the diet aren’t visible immediately, because we lose only one kilogram per day. We should eat a few small meals a day, so we don’t feel hungry. Moreover, we don’t have problems with digestion.
You can be on the diet for three weeks. During this period of time we ought to remember about drinking plenty of liquids. Obviously, still water is recommended, but you can drink also tea or tisane. You should provide your body with two litres of liquids a day.

It isn’t advised to eat between meals, but if it happens, we should omit eating snacks which are in our daily menu. Generally, we shouldn’t skip any meal since then we could feel very hungry. It is possible to exchange meals for example the suggested dinner from the first day may be eaten during the third day.

The best results are achieved if the diet is combined with doing exercises. You can practise jogging as well as walking. Doing some physical activities will increase effects of the diet.

Read on for a 7-Day Meal Plan.

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