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12 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

Now your body shape starts changing and the belly is getting to be seen. If you still work, your manager needs to be informed about the pregnancy. It is better to talk to them personally. Perhaps your friends and family suspect that you are going to have a baby. It would be good idea to share the news in the near future.

Your Baby

Foetal reflexes have been already developed. Your baby can suck and grasp. Research claim that a foetus is able to move the head, to wrinkle forehead and even smile. It is common that a baby is sucking its thumb during the USG examination. Your provider would show you also fingers, the jaw and the internal organs.
The lungs, the thyroid and the liver are developed. The liver has already produced bile. The intestines are coming back to their place. The heart beats 160 times a minute.
Your baby is over 2 in long and weighs around 7 g.

Guidelines for Mother

Your pelvis is changing its position. It results in a need to urinate more often. Other symptoms such as tiredness and nausea should recede. Most of women feel the burst of energy, joy and optimism.
Your weight and body start changing. A woman, who had normal body mass before the pregnancy, should gain about 12 kg within nine months. From the beginning of the pregnancy to the twelfth week a woman gains around 1,2 kg. If you are underweight, you ought to gain 2 or 3 kg more. If you are overweight, it would be enough to gain 1 kg.

Remember to take USG examination. The thirteenth week is a deadline. You can expect that a doctor asks you to take the urine test, because urinary tract infections are very common in pregnancy. Not always the symptoms are obvious and visible. But treatment is necessary. If you are prone to this kind of infections, try to drink more liquids, especially still water. Thanks to this you get rid of bacteria from your urinary track.

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