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11 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

The most important task you have to do this week is arranging a visit at your gynaecologist's. During this visit you will have USG examination performed. It must be performed between eleventh and thirteenth weeks to discover possible malformations. There is no evidence that USG examination may be harmful for a baby.

Your Baby

At this stage of a development even 15 millions of neurons per hour might be created in the brain. The liver starts producing blood, which is a very important function. Then the bone marrow will take over this task. The pancreas begins to generate insulin to the blood. At the moment, the heart of your baby resembles a heart of newborn baby. Thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to observe a child who can stick out and hide the tongue. The vocal cords starts developing and the olfactory receptor are being formed.
That is the period of your child's development when external genitals begin to grow. The doctor would be able to definite the sex thanks to USG examination within ten weeks.

Guidelines for Mother

You should expect that a dark vertical line, called Linea Nigra, can appear between the belly button and the pubic area. This seems to be a pregnancy trademark. The pregnancy hormones are responsible for its occurrence. It will probably disappear a few weeks or months after the delivery.
Your nails and hair are growing faster than they used to grow before you were pregnant. In addition, you don't lose your hair. Unfortunately, just after giving birth to your child, you can experience hair loss.
Some women complain of dizziness and even fainting. It is hazardous because during falling down you and your child are exposed to danger. If you feel tired or weak, the best idea is simply to take a rest. Try to lay down with your legs lifted up. Thanks to regular meals you keep the same level of glucose in blood. In this way you can avoid fainting and dizziness, too.

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