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10 weeks pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

This is the last week when your child is called an embryo, then the development of a foetus will start. Your baby is gaining more immunity and also the risk of malformations has decreased. When you come across your friends or acquaintance, they are surprised how nice you look like! Your circulatory system functions in different way, changing your vein net. Thanks to that you look younger and more radiant. Don't forget about a visit at your doctor!

Your Baby

When you have entered the tenth week of a pregnancy, all of the child's organs and systems are developed in their primitive form. In spite of the fact that your baby is as big as a prune and the weight reaches 2,5 g, the appearance is changing significantly. The most important changes involve forming the face outline and development of ears and nose. Eyes are moving in the direction of the central part of a head and eyelids start growing. Also there are elbows on the tiny arms. During this period a child is learning how to bring hands closer. The membrane, which has been between fingers, should disappear now. There is a lot of space to “swim” inside the amniotic sac. Your child is still too little you will be able to feel the movements.
Internal organs have developed. The stomach produces gastric acid, and the kidneys - urine. The heart is beating 140 - 150 times a minute. Work which the brain performs is also very intense. It generates 250,000 neurones per minute.

Guidelines for Mother

One of the problem to struggle with are constipation. Unfortunately, some women complain that the problem lasts to the end of a pregnancy. You are advised to eat more vegetables and products which are rich in fibre, such as dried fruit. You ought to drink a lot of still water. Walks and physical activities are highly recommended.
Plenty of pregnant women have headaches. It would be better to avoid painkillers because of chemicals included within them. They could be harmful for a baby. You shouldn't take any medicaments as long as your provider allows you to do it. A cold compress is sometimes the best remedy.

Unfortunately, there are many more unpleasant afflictions of A pregnancy you can experience, for example heartburn and indigestion. How to AVOID them? Try not to lay down just after a meal and never eat in this position. In this way gastric acid wouldn't move and stay in a proper place. If you suffer from flatulence, avoid eating indigestible products such as broccoli and beans.

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