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1 week pregnant

by Richard Kozinski

For the majority of women, particularly for those who haven't planned the pregnancy, the first week is passing normally. They are unconscious of the changes, which are occurring in their bodies. The menstrual cycles are frequently irregular and a woman assumes that it is the reason of a delayed period. During the first week of pregnancy there are no typical symptoms beyond fatigue, lack of interest, mood changes and an urgent need to urinate.  Moreover, some digestive problems may occur.  However, these signs are considered to be premenstrual syndromes by most of women. 

Your Baby

Menstrual cycle lasts approximately 28 days, but it can be shorter and have 24 days or longer and it can reach even 35 days.  A cycle starts when an egg leaves the ovary and travels to the fallopian tubes, where it's met by sperm and fertilized.  Now, the fertilized egg goes through the ovary and implements in the uterus.

In the first week of the pregnancy "a baby" is called a blastocyte.  Its external part will become the placenta and the internal one - the embryo in the second week of the pregnancy.  Zygote consists of 46 chromosomes, an equal number from mother and father.  Chromosomes transfer the genetic material, which determines the sex, hair's colour, skin's colour, height, eye's colour and personality traits. 

The first week of the pregnancy is a part of the pregnancy calendar, since it helps the doctor to calculate the first day of your last menstrual cycle.  That's the day from which a nine-month cycle is calculated. In medical terminology, it is said that pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.  On this basis your doctor will indicate the expected due date.

Guidelines for Mother

If you plan to be pregnant, the first week will be a time for joy and expectancy.  It is worth thinking about changing your diet habits.  Also, you ought to inform you doctor about medicines you take regularly.  If you haven't taken any vitamins yet, it's the high time to start supplementing with some prenatal multivitamin including a higher dose of folic acid.

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